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Beau Whitman on a Treadmill

Beau Whitman Inspires an Underserved Fitness Segment

Leading cancer survivors back into active lifestyles.
Runner in the Fall

Get Moving For World Wellness Weekend

Being active is great for both the body and mind.
Weight room in a health club

Is COVID-19 A Big Risk at U.S. Gyms? A Recent Study Says No

When safety protocols are followed, risk seems extremely minimal at health clubs.
Elevation Series Cardio Equipment at the YMCA

4 Reasons Why Fitness Facilities Should Purchase an After-Sales Service Agreement

Ensure that your investment in fitness equipment is protected.
Arc Trainer Personal Cardio Space

Rethinking Your Facility Layout: Personal Cardio Spaces

Switching things up on your cardio floor can generate excitement and provide exercisers with peace of mind.
Elevation Series Cardio Equipment at the YMCA

One COVID-19 Study That's Good News for the Fitness Industry

Following proper safety protocols is essential.