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Garage Home Gym

How to Build a Home Gym in Your Garage

Fitness equipment tips and layout ideas for the ideal garage gym in your home.

A Full-Body Workout Using Just Body Weight and a Few Accessories

A good workout might be closer than you think. You can get a lot done with the aid of your bodyweight and a few simple fitness tools.
Hand lifting a kettlebell

Why You Should Add Kettlebells to Your Home Workouts

See how the versatility of kettlebells can enhance your workouts at home.
Elevation Series Cardio Equipment at the YMCA

Health Clubs During Coronavirus: What Exercisers and Gyms Need to Do

We talked to an expert about what you should be doing while at the gym to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Sync

Wearables and Workout Tracking Are the New Norm In Fitness

Digital connection seamlessly syncs exercisers to their workouts.
Jen Tallman Life Fitness On Demand Instructor

Jen Tallman's Inspiring Fitness Journey

From short walks to half marathons. How this personal trainer embraced fitness.