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Life Fitness On Demand Instructor

Peek Behind The Scenes of Life Fitness On Demand Workouts

A little help from the experts at NEOU.
iPhone next to a treadmill screen at the start of a workout

Insights Into How Exercisers Rely on Digital Technology

The latest ACSM list of trends for next year says wearable technology is still tops.
Matt Jacoby

Matt Jacoby is a Special Olympian With a Drive for Competition

Athletic participation keeps him active and healthy.
Runner in the Fall

3 Common Injuries for Distance Runners and How to Avoid Them

Know what to look when it comes to common running injuries.
Cardio Equipment at Lethbridge YMCA

How to Attract Local Customers Without Social Media

Digital is a big part of fitness, but grassroots efforts can help build your member base too.