Fit Tips

Runner on a treadmill

Four Reasons to Hop on the Treadmill This Fall

It's exhilarating running outdoors, but fall and winter are on their way. Running on a treadmill keeps you out of the elements.
Man doing high-intensity interval training workout

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Energy Tips

HIIT workouts can be challenging, and they require the right fuel. Medical writer Jenilee Matz offers some tips on what to eat before and after high-intensity interval training.
Jessica Thiefels Personal Trainer

Managing Your Personal Training Business When Things Get Crazy Busy

Certified personal trainer Jessica Thiefels has tips for personal trainers for when business gets hectic.

Why olympic training is a big part of one health club

The Performance Training Center at FFC Park Ridge is one of the first things an exerciser sees when they walk onto the main floor.