Get Moving on Global Running Day

Lace up your running shoes, because Wednesday, June 6 is the third annual Global Running Day. It’s a daylong celebration of running that gives all of us a great reason to be active.

Global Running Day started in 2009 as National Running Day in the United States, before expanding to include the rest of the globe. It was started by the New York Road Runners, a group whose mission is to “help and inspire people through running.” The NYRR has been around for 60 years, and serves as a global champion of the running movement.

So, how does the everyday exerciser participate in Global Running Day? All it takes is a run.

Go to the Global Running Day site, pledge that you’ll put in a mile or two and then head to the gym or outside ready for a cardio workout. Run a mile, two, three or even 10. The distance isn’t as important as the fact that you were active. Last year, the event drew participants from 187 countries who pledged to run just over 8 million miles. More than 1.2 million exercisers took part in the event last year, including 454,000 kids.

We at Life Fitness are (no surprise) big fans of running, and also big fans of reasons for people to be active. It's a safe bet that members of the Life Fitness Running Club will be joining the movement, and the treadmills in our company showroom should see plenty of activity today. Join us. Get out there and run!